True Crime $0.99 Weekend Sale

Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th April WEEKEND SALE

Get these 6 books for $0.99 each!

Weekend Sale Jack Rosewood

True Crime Stories Volume 4

True Crime Stories Vol.4 – $0.99

True Crime Stories Vol.5

True Crime Stories Vol.5 – $0.99

Eric Edgar Cooke book

Eric Edgar Cooke: The True Story of The Night Caller – $0.99

The Briley Brothers book

The Briley Brothers: The True Story of The Slaying Brothers – $0.99

Cary Stayner Book

Cary Stayner: The True Story of the Yosemite Park Killer – $0.99

John Heigh book

The Acid Bath Murderer: A Terrifiying True Story of One of the Worst British Serial Killers – $0.99