A Teaser of Jack Rosewood’s Serial Killer Encyclopedia

Serial Killer Encyclopedia

Serial Killer Encyclopedia

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    • Sgt Mac. usmc
      Sgt Mac. usmc says:

      Be very careful using words like – getting stuck 🔪🗡⛏⚔️ or you may end up here⚱️⚰️🕳🤓

  1. Sgt Mac
    Sgt Mac says:

    If this catalog of caoss and mayham is like any of the Jack Rosewood novels I am anxious to receive my copy.
    I am honored to say — I am so mesmerized with his writing skills I just realized I own ALL of his writings. AWESOME WRITER

  2. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Currently listening to this on Audible and it’s great but next time can you please get someone who can pronounce the names and places properly. Charles Ng especially, also a lot of places in Australia and England are way off. It’s nothing major it’s just off putting.

  3. Jennife Roy
    Jennife Roy says:

    I’m so excited I’ve got the audio book and the eBook to follow while listening to this book! Can’t wait I love reading your books

  4. Marli can schalkwyk
    Marli can schalkwyk says:

    I just finished your book The big book of serial killers, and I loved it. So much information I was fascinated by it.. couldn’t stop reading.

    A book written well done Jack Rosewood!!!!!

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